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How-to: A Juicing Party

Over the break I had a juicing party.

Juicing Party:  The gathering of friends who juice fresh veggies and fruits together, to make well… JUICE!ad

Sorry, this is not a alcohol related party. Though you can throw some in, I’m not telling. LOL

So this was my first juicing party, and I didn’t really know what to do. However everything turned out beyond great. So for anyone who is interested in throwing a juicing party, here are some of the steps I took to make it happen.


Grocery Shop.

I bought plenty of fruits and veggies. This included 4 Pineapples, 2 Green Apples, 2 Red Apples,  Lemons & Limes, 2 Mangos, Spinach, Kale, Green Grapes, Carrots, 2 Cantaloupes, Strawberries, and Tangerines.


I also bought the ingredients for the healthy snacks/desserts/entree. These foods included: Chicken Kabobs, Skinny Popcorn, Black Bean Chips, Snap Pea Crisps, Healthy Tortilla Chips, Fruit Kabobs, Oatmeal Cookies, and Healthy Brownies.

kjkIt is critical to provide these healthy snacks, desserts and entrees for the guest. Having a juicing party is a fun way to get the people you care about invested in healthy foods. Make sure your snacks are tasty and nutritious. My brother fell in love with my healthy oatmeal cookies and one of my besties loved the Snap Pea Crisp snack.

Provide a beautiful layout.


With the help of a friend, I cut up all the fruits in veggies and made an inviting food layout on my kitchen table. The beautiful colors of all the fruits and veggies provided, built my guest excitement. I also added my healthy snacks to the table.They couldn’t resist. 

Before the juicing started my best friend made chicken and shrimp kabobs. The perfect healthy entree to start of a PARTY.

The juicing begins.

All of my guest filled their cups up with the fruits and veggies they liked and one by one began juicing. It was really fun. So sweet. So simple. So refreshing. Music was definitely booming in the back round while smiles, deep talks and good vibes filled the room.


Time for dessert.

I baked my healthy oatmeal cookies and my bestie Jazz, made some healthy, yet not so healthy brownies. Not a cookie nor brownie was spared.

I encourage you to have a juicing party. Everybody loves good clean fun every now and then : )

-Fitty Fattys

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The Healthy Alternative: Strawberry Bowl Delight

Let’s get to it. Need something fruity, filling, and fun? Well have I got the recipe for you. My strawberry bowl delight!IMG_6804

What you’ll need

3/4 cup of frozen strawberries

1/2 cup of unsweetened almond milk

a packet of Stevia

1 tablespoon of plain greek yogurt

STEP ONE: Place above ingredients in blender and blend until creamy.

STEP TWO: Pour the mix into a bowl.


STEP THREE: Sprinkle toppings on.

My toppings were a handful of blueberries, crushed almonds, and sunflower seeds.


Eat up FittyFattys

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Blueberry Dream Smoothie

IMG_5402I have recently fell in love with blueberries. So sweet, blue, and juicy!

Why eat blueberries ?

-They have more antioxidants than any other fruit or vegetable.

Antioxidants strengthens the immune system, which helps fight off  diseases.

-A low caloric snack. Less than 100 calories in a whole cup!

-Helps break down belly fat.

-Contains 4 grams of fiber, which helps increase bowel movements. Goodbye constipation.

-Reverses age related memory loss

-Helps reduce women’s risk of heart attacks and cancers like breast and colon cancer.

-Helps prevent UTI’s

-Lowers blood sugar

For more information about blueberry health benefits go to:

Blueberry Dream Smoothie Recipe:

What you will need: Orange Juice, Blueberries, Water, Cherry Yogurt,  Lemon Juice

STEP ONE: Add an inch of crushed ice into personal blender. Add 1/2 in of OJ and 1/2in of water

STEP TWO: Add 2  handfuls of blueberries and 3 oz of yogurt.

STEP THREE: Squirt a pinch of lemon juice then blend!


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Very Berry Smoothie

There is nothing better than a cold refreshing  smoothie in the morning. There so easy and quick to make and are full of fruity nutrition. Eliminate going to places like McDonalds and Panera Bread for your smoothies. Trust me, I worked at Panera Bread and we are not slicing up mangos for that “low-fat” mango smoothie. We use a puree full of sweeteners and who knows what else. Do yourself a favor and make your own. This way you know exactly what you’re putting in your body.  It’s fun, delicious, and cheap!

I made this Very Berry Smoothie this morning. It’s sweet with a bit of tang! And I’m here to share the recipe with you.


Ingredients: Crushed Ice, Orange Juice, Lemon Juice, 1 Whole Banana, Two Strawberries, Hand full of Blueberries.

STEP ONE: Put about an inch of crushed ice into a personal blender.

STEP TWO: Add an 1/5 inch of OJ into blender and a 1/2 inch of water to the mix. Add a squirt of lemon juice.


STEP THREE: Chop a whole banana and two big strawberries and add it to the mix.

STEP FOUR: Add a hand full of blueberries into the mix.


STEP FIVE: Blend!!!! Add more ice if needed.

IMG_5189 IMG_5190 IMG_5194

You can add a teeny bit of stevia to make it sweeter, but honey I’m sure you don’t need it. Enjoy!

-Fitty Fatty