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Infused Water Recipes

I recently started infusing fruits, herbs and veggies into my water. I looked up some recipes and tried about 6 or 7 of them. They are refreshing, but not all of them were delicious. So I decided to share 3 of my favorite infused water recipes with you all. But first check out some of the awesome benefits infused water has below.



  • Infused Water helps  prevent headaches, helps clear digestive problems, aids in heartburn prevention, aids in blood sugar regulation, aids in fat loss (due to appetite control) and helps relieve joint pain.
  • Infusing your water with fruits, herbs, and veggies  improves flavor AND adds essential vitamins to your daily diet.

#1- Lemon & Mint

#2- Slightly smashed Blueberries, Strawberries & Lemons

#3- Green Tea, Lemon & Mint

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Blueberry Dream Smoothie

IMG_5402I have recently fell in love with blueberries. So sweet, blue, and juicy!

Why eat blueberries ?

-They have more antioxidants than any other fruit or vegetable.

Antioxidants strengthens the immune system, which helps fight off  diseases.

-A low caloric snack. Less than 100 calories in a whole cup!

-Helps break down belly fat.

-Contains 4 grams of fiber, which helps increase bowel movements. Goodbye constipation.

-Reverses age related memory loss

-Helps reduce women’s risk of heart attacks and cancers like breast and colon cancer.

-Helps prevent UTI’s

-Lowers blood sugar

For more information about blueberry health benefits go to:

Blueberry Dream Smoothie Recipe:

What you will need: Orange Juice, Blueberries, Water, Cherry Yogurt,  Lemon Juice

STEP ONE: Add an inch of crushed ice into personal blender. Add 1/2 in of OJ and 1/2in of water

STEP TWO: Add 2  handfuls of blueberries and 3 oz of yogurt.

STEP THREE: Squirt a pinch of lemon juice then blend!