Meet Fitty Fatty


My name is Tiffany Malone and I’m a Fitty Fatty. What is a “fitty fatty” you ask? Well, it’s a person who loves living the healthy lifestyle, works out, eat right, and all that good stuff. However this person loves to eat. I mean really EAT! Don’t give me some green beans on a plate with wheat toast on the side. I need a full course meal with dessert! Most of us can’t eat all these delicious foods with out paying for it on the scale. That’s why this site will take all those delicious foods we “oh so love” and provide a healthier alternative.

My personal workouts, tips, and inspiration will also be posted. I know better than anyone that workouts can get boring. So I will make sure to make it fun and exciting. I’m in this healthy lifestyle for the long haul, are you? Let’s get it!

My goal is just to have a flatter toned stomach and a plumper booty! LOL Just so you know!



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